Forever Chasing Gilded Rainbows - Graduation Collection 
The world seems to get more and more materialistic. We are striving more than ever for more clothes, more expensive bags and  bigger diamonds. But when will this striving end? When is a person content with what he has? When is the end goal reached? You will only find out when all of these luxuries will suffocate you. It is a forever chasing gilded rainbows. 
''We are all following toxic dreams. What you are sold in this world, is a bag of rotten goods.'' 
Photographer: Imke Panhuijzen
Makeup: Ellen van Berkel
Hair: Wiardi Koopmeiners
Stylist: Yvana Muradin
Models via: Models Rock Agency, Future Faces Management, Known Model Management
Location: De Pastorie, Diemen

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