She immerses herself in a much desired world of her own fantasies where she can be who she is and has always been. This is her place where everything is possible. Here she is daring, fearless, crazy, psychotic, colorful and freaky. It is a happy place, in which she does everything, wears and is what she does not dare to do in everyday life. It’s a flight. Away from standards, expectations, stereotypes and prejudices.
Models: Minke Sliggers & Eva Sievers
Photographer: Yannick van Leeuwaarde
MUA: Reny Schijven
Production assistant: Tatum Horsmans
Catering: Annemarie van Rijsbergen
With special thanks for helping to realize the outfits:  Rozemarijn Slings, Quirijn Slings, Anne Slotboom, Marlijne van Brenk, Tatum Horsmans & Annemarie van Rijsbergen
Location: Studio Muse Amsterdam
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